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The intent of this section is to eventually have an interactive pedigree tree of my family tree database that can be easily viewed and searched. The stories I am presenting on this site reflect only a tiny fraction of the people whose lives are a part of my family's past. An interactive pedigree tree would make the full range of my genealogy database widely accessible.

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to make that happen yet. I'm still looking for the right software that will create an attractive interactive tree in "html" format from my "gedcom" files. So far, most of the freeware and shareware I have looked at is quite crude. Apparently, the really good Java applets have been copyrighted as proprietary software by the large commercial genealogy web sites.

The only online tree of my research that is currently available is at It is viewable by non-subscribers by permission only. Contact me if you wish to be permitted to view these trees. Previous trees at and have been deleted after those companies were purchased by

At the web site you can view interactive trees of:

  • The Struckmeyer - Sagner Family
  • The Ochonicky - Baer Family
  • The Skalla - Ridge Family
  • The Masson - Case Family

These are updated frequently as I do more research.


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