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Index of Major Names

This index contains the names of the primary (and a select few of the secondary) couples whose stories are recounted in this web site. Each link below leads to their corrsponding page of family history.

Ammann, Karl and Maria Sidler

Ammann, Mary and Jacob Beer

Baer, Charles and Julia Clementz

Baer, Viola and Emil Ochonicky

Bauer, Christine and Gustave Bauer

Bauer, Emma and Alphonse Schuller

Bauer, Gustave and Christine Bauer

Beer, Jacob and Mary Ammann

Beer, Martin and Nescha Decurtins

Beňovič, Alžbeta and Ján Ochodnický

Blanár, Katarína and Ján Káš

Clementz, Julia and Charles Baer

Clementz, Valentine and Luzia Lorenz

Decurtins, Nescha and Martin Beer

Detering, Gerhard and Maria Lahrmann

Detering, Henriette and Louis Struckmeyer

Endter, Rev. Johannes and Louisa Sagner

Girthofer, Eleanora and Gustave Sagner

Girthofer, Joseph and Katherina Kleen

Greimann, Anna and Karl Struckmeyer

Jenny, Margaretha and Andreas Klement

Káš, Alžbeta and Andrej Ochodnický

Káš, Ján and Katarína Blanár

Kelsch, Rev. Oscar and Anna Wilcke

Kelsch, Sophia and Charles Struckmeyer

Klč, Eva and Štefan Ochodnický

Klč, Štefan and Anna Plašenka

Klč, Tomáš and Zuzana Štefik

Kleen, Katherina and Joseph Girthofer

Klement, Andreas and Margaretha Jenny

Kurtzhan, Ernestine and August Sagner

Lahrmann, Maria and Gerhard Detering

Lorenz, Luzia and Valentine Clementz

Ochodnický, Andrej and Alžbeta Káš

Ochodnický, Ján and Alžbeta Beňovič

Ochodnický, Štefan and Eva Klč

Ochonicky, Emil and Viola Baer

Plašenka, Anna and Štefan Klč

Plašenka, Jiriho and Anna Pavlovic

Pavlovic, Anna and Jiriho Plašenka

Sagner, Anna and Rev. Gustav Zimmer

Sagner, August and Ernestine Kurtzhan

Sagner, Betty and LeRoy Struckmeyer

Sagner, Ernest and Alice Schuller

Sagner, Gustave and Eleanora Girthofer

Sagner, Louisa and Rev. Johannes Endter

Schnake, Rev. Karl and Anna Struckmeier

Schuller, Alice and Ernest Sagner

Schuller, Alphonse and Emma Bauer

Schuller, Michael and Salome Thomas

Sidler, Maria and Karl Ammann

Štefik, Zuzana and Tomáš Klč

Struckmeier, Anna and Rev. Karl Schnake

Struckmeier, Karl and Anna Greimann

Struckmeyer, Charles and Sophia Kelsch

Struckmeyer, Leroy and Betty Sagner

Struckmeyer, Louis and Henriette Detering

Thomas, Salome and Michael Schuller

Wilcke, Anna and Rev. Oscar Kelsch

Zimmer, Rev. Gustav and Anna Sagner



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